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UDF secondary fuel filter to suit V6 and 4 Cylinder models 

UDF ultra efficient depth filters remove 98% of 0.5 microns and greater particles that standard filters fitted as OEM parts cannot. These filter systems are also unaffected by vibration and pulsating flow. The performance of UDF filter systems returns great value to the end user that has the foresight and knowledge to fit them.

UDF filters provide 20 times better filtration than the standard filters provided by the OEMS in your equipment. The UDF filter continuously removes contamination (dirt, combustion, oxidation and abrasive particles) down to 0.5 micron and thus improving the lifecycle. 

Secondary Fuel Filter - UDF

SKU: MP102-Amarok
  • UDF Final Filter Diesel Water Separator Kit

    1 x UDF Diesel Performance Filter

    1 x UDF spare Diesel Performance Filter

    1 x Base Moulded Bracket

    1.5  m x fuel hose

    2 x 11.8 quick connectors

    2 x 9.89 quick connectors

    4 x hose clamps

    2 x  mounting bolts



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