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With the high pressures and fine tolerances involved in today's Common Rail diesel engines, the cleanliness of fuel has become increasingly important. Water is one of the leading causes of failures in Common Rail systems. Water reduces lubrication which causes fuel parts to wear, corrosion and rust to form inside the fuel system components creating a breeding ground for bacteria and creating a dirty sludge contaminating your diesel fuel.

With the DTS filtration kits you can drastically reduce the rising amount of water related failures in common rail diesel engines and avoid expensive repair bills.

The DTS filter kits have been designed specifically to suit individual vehicles and use the Fuel Manager Diesel fuel filter/water separator system that can be customized for virtually any application.

Fuel Manager is used by over 90 original engine manufacturers and is designed for use in 4WD, truck, automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial and agricultural diesels. The completely modular system has interchangeable components that can be added or removed easily and independently.Pre-

Filter Kit Suits VW Amarok 2.0L 2010 - On. Single Battery Only

Secondary Fuel Filter - Fuel Manager

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