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Get additional power and torque easily from your Vehicle from the comfort of your driveway or anywhere in Australia with our Powergate 3+ ECU Tuning Package. 

Gains of 15 - 30% in Power and Torque from this simple remap device using our CRD Tech Stage 1, 2 or custom ECU tunes. Developed on or Mainline AWD Dyno here in australia, these ECU Tunes are designed for getting the best out of your Vehicle safely.

- Stage 1 Power gains of 30 HP and 60 nm of Torque safely(vehicle dependant)from just a remap

- Stage 1, Stage 2 and beyond

- Holds up to 5 maps on the touch screen device

- Reflash to stock whenever you want

- Read and Clear DTC trouble codes


Powergate 3

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