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The VW Amarok is a popular 4×4, and the 3.0L V6 diesel engine released in 2016 made a good ute even better! Many Amarok drivers are looking for ways to improve the power, sound, and fuel economy of their V6 Amarok, and we have the perfect package.

As a supplier of the V6 Amarok exhaust, from either the factory DPF or for off-road and race applications we can replace the DPF with with a straight through race pipe. This still includes provision for all of the factory DPF temperature sensors. We have the option of either a straight-through muffler which gives a nice V6 rumble without being too intrusive inside the cabin (medium noise level), or for maximum noise we can run no mufflers at all (loud noise level)! All DPF back systems are a pipe-only setup, but are still listed as “quiet” as the factory DPF does shut down a lot of the exhaust noise.

Full Exhaust System - V6 Amarok

  • For compition/off road use only

    Will require ECU Remap

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