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If you're looking at making upgrades to the suspension in your 2010- Volkswagen Amarok, Bilstein Australia has you covered. Bilstein's B6 Offroad shock absorbers for your 4x4 are a significant upgrade of the standard suspension, transforming the vehicle's handling dynamics.

From the factory, the 2010- Volkswagen Amarok is already an incredibly comprehensive package, undoubtedly being the kind of vehicle that's ready for whatever you throw it. However, if you're feeling as though the vehicle's handling performance leaves a lot to be desired, an upgrade from the factory shocks to a set of Bilstein's 4WD shock absorbers is definitely in order.

Bilstein implements gas struts and monotube construction in the B6 Offroad shock absorbers. This design improves overall handling dynamics, working to reduce the familiar handling characteristics that are to be expected from 4WD vehicles such as the Volkswagen Amarok. This means a safer, more controlled driving experience for whatever conditions you put your vehicle through. A clear improvement can be felt in everything from on-road driving, off-road driving and even hauling heavy loads. Bilstein's precise damper settings not only improve your 4x4's road-holding performance, but also increase your vehicle's load carrying capacity, increasing your vehicle's abilities in all situations.

The B6 Offroad rear shock absorbers also feature a long service life and with the shocks being a direct bolt-on upgrade, installation is easy. 

Bilstein rear shock absorber - Extended (pair)

SKU: 24-322584
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