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To take your 2010- Volkswagen Amarok to the next level, Bilstein Australia offers the perfect solution. With a set of Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorbers to replace the standard units, its handling dynamics are transformed.

The 2010- Volkswagen Amarok is an extremely capable ute straight out of the box, praised for its sophisticated design whilst still retaining the kind of rugged character we expect from our utes. But of course, there's always room for improvement. If you're looking to get just that extra bit more out of it in terms of performance, upgrading the factory shocks with Bilstein's 4WD shock absorbers is a good place to start.

Bilstein has you covered on that front with our B6 Offroad shock absorbers. Utilising gas struts and a monotube design, they work to reduce the kind of performance-hurting vehicle dynamics that are all-too evident in high-riding 4WDs such as the Amarok which in turn, improves road-holding in all conditions. Thanks to Bilstein's precise damper settings, not only do they provide improved handling performance but they also allow for a greater load carrying capacity, so you can utilise the Amarok's 4WD capabilities more effectively. This means safer, more controlled driving in all sorts of situations, whether it be driving on or off the road, hauling cargo in the rear tray, or even towing heavy loads such as a caravan.

The B6 Offroad front shock absorbers also feature a long service life and with the struts being a direct bolt-on upgrade, installation is easy.

Bilstein Front Shock Absorber (pair)

SKU: 24-195690
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