Our LED headlight upgrade kits provide a far greater light output than standard automotive lights at massive 4000 lumens per set. At Night road signs, pedestrians and general road hazards will receive far greater illumination so you can drive with greater confidence. This new series of kits come equipped with an internal ballast and use OEM connectors making them quick and easy to install and avoids the need for additional wiring harnesses. 

Our Premium LED Headlight Upgrade Kits are a quick and easy solution to increase your visibility while driving at night. 


CANBUS COMPATIBLE - No additional canbus modules required for most vehicles*.

5700 COLOUR TEMP - Pure white light as higher 6000-8000K causes fatigue.

100% COPPER BELTS - Allow for maximum thermal conductivity.

NO FAN DESIGN - Ensures headlight enclosures are not contaminated with debris.

OPTICALLY MATCHING  - Identical light distribution by exactly positioning of LED chips to optimise performance.



Heat management is key factor for all LED lighting products. Our innovative copper braid heat sink has been designed to dissapiate heat effetivly so they will always perform at optimal brightness. Many of our compettitors globes will "throttle back" when they get hot reducing the light output due to the use of inferior materials and poor thermal managent. 

Amarok LED Headlight Upgrade Highbeam.